Scholarships enable Georgia College to attract the best and the brightest students with competitive scholarship packages. Scholarships are awarded to deserving students based upon leadership potential, merit, financial need, area of interest, academic achievement or other university-approved criteria as recommended by donors.

•  GCSU Alumni Association Scholarship
•  A. Frank Estes & Betty Gooden Estes Foundation Scholarship
•  Annette Hodges Callahan Memorial Scholarship
•  Annie Jenkins Jackson Scholarship
•  Atlanta Alumni Club Scholarship
•  Elizabeth W. Rawlins Scholarship
•  Emily Myrtice Lynch Endowed Scholarship
•  Faculty/Staff Scholarship
•  Eugenia Breedlove Veal Scholarship
•  Jane M. Haddock Scholarship
•  Jarrett Boston Memorial Foundation Scholarship
•  Jessie O. Smith Scholarship
•  Lance Family Scholarship
•  Marie Wells Collins Scholarship
•  Mary Burns Scholarship
•  Mary Clyde Buck Morton and Mary Alice Griffith Morton Scholarship
•  Mary Coxwell Crittenden and Jean Crittenden Morris Foundation Scholarship
•  Mulligan Sisters Alumni Scholarship
•  Pauline Kelly Malone Alumni Scholarship
•  Rebecca Hearn Daughtry Scholarship
•  Ruby Ryle Smith Scholarship
•  Sara Watson Puckett Scholarship
•  Susan Cook Terry Memorial Scholarship
•  Susan Dorothy Colquitt Scholarship
•  Vera Lucille Vincent Scholarship
•  Zipp Kidd Williams Scholarship

•  Georgia College Accounting Education Association Scholarship
•  Truman W. Clifton Accounting Scholarship

•  Dorothy Brown Scholarship
•  Katherine McIntosh Comfort Award

•  Diego Cinardo Scholarship
•  John Bruner Memorial Cross Country Athletic Foundation Scholarship
•  Lucky Krilowicz Athletic Leadership Scholarship
•  Martha Erwin Sibley Athletic Leadership Foundation Scholarship
•  Michael Peeler Memorial Scholarship
•  Patricia Jo Samprone Scholarship
•  Sodexo Scholarship
•  Willard Riner Athletic Foundation Scholarship

•  Carolyn M. Maynard Scholarship
•  Doris C. Moody Scholarship for Life Sciences
•  Ida Freeman Memorial Scholarship

•  Anthony Tan Scholarship
•  E.D. Walker Memorial Foundation Scholarship
•  Frances F. Jones Scholarship
•  GEICO Achievement Award
•  Green Berry Williams & Madeline Williams Jackson Alumni Scholarships in Marketing
•  Harry Glover Endowed Scholarship
•  Jo Ann Jones Business Scholarship
•  O.C. Eidson Scholarship
•  The J. Whitney Bunting Scholarship

•  Carolyn M. Maynard Scholarship
•  Jessie Trawick Award
•  Louise McWilliams Christian Chemistry Scholarship
•  Lucy Blake Carson Ferguson Science Prize

Criminal Justice
•  Tiffany Bishop Memorial Scholarship

•  Ann Simpson Smith Scholarship
•  Annie Alford Psalmonds Scholarship
•  Attie Gladin Branan Alumni Scholarship
•  Bennett-Dudley Scholarship
•  Beth Rihm Scholarship
•  Carmen Bass Scholarship
•  Catherine E. Thurston Scholarship
•  Charles Grady Elder and Katharine Elder Scholarship
•  Deana Burgess Alumni Scholarship
•  Dr. J. Wilson Comer Alumni Scholarship
•  Dr. T. E. & Lavane Smith Alumni Scholarship
•  Edith Fletcher Echols Scholarship
•  Eleyce Ard Usery Scholarship
•  Elizabeth A. Rihm Scholarship
•  Elizabeth Grant Overstreet-Margaret Thompson Walden Memorial Scholarship
•  Emily Myrtice Lynch Endowed Scholarship
•  Ethel Rae Mozo-Stewart Scholarship
•  Julia Ewing Scholarship
•  Mae Hollinshead Hammond Alumni Scholarship
•  Marvin McTyeire Parks and Ruth Vaden Parks Scholarship
•  Mary Rose Turner Baugh Bacon Foundation Scholarship
•  McCall Sisters Scholarship
•  Peabody Scholarship
•  Phi Delta Kappa Chapter Scholarship
•  Rosalie Brigham Garbutt Scholarship
•  Saul Wolpert Foundation Scholarship
•  Shannon Funderburke Scholarship
•  Virginia Horne Tumlin Endowed Scholarship

English, Speech Journalism
•  Arts & Letters/Susan Atefat Prize in Creative Nonfiction
•  Bernice Brown McCullar Alumni Scholarship
•  Creative Writing Scholarship
•  Flannery O'Connor Scholarship
•  Sarah Gordon Scholarship
•  The Watson Brown Scholarship

Foreign Language
•  Mae Hollinshead Hammond Scholarship

•  Chandler Memorial Scholarship
•  Jarrett Boston Memorial Foundation Scholarship
•  Kathryn Telford Scholarship
•  Mary Woodham Kicklighter Scholarship
•  Sara Amanda Newsome Robinson Scholarship
•  Wansley Family Scholarship

•  Joseph F. Steelman, Jr. Award
•  Lala Carr Steelman Memorial Scholarship
•  The Watson Brown Scholarship
•  Victoria Chandler Alumni Scholarship

•  Guy Wells Memorial Grants
•  Global Scholars Scholarship
•  Hoy Taylor International Scholarship
•  Virginia D. Weir Scholarship
•  Wellington Study Abroad Scholarship

•  Elton Russell Ard Scholarship

•  Harriette L. Donahoo Leadership Scholarship
•  Martha Erwin Sibley Leadership Scholarship
•  Mary and Payton Cook Foundation Scholarship
•  Paul F. Sedor II Scholarship for Service and Leadership
•  William & Gussie Krinsky Safe Space Foundation Award

Liberal Arts and Sciences
•  Margaret Harvin Wilson Writing Award
•  Ralph Norman Scholarship

•  Dr. Harry Glover Foundation Scholarship
•  GEICO Achievement Award
•  Sara Nelson Alumni Scholarship

•  Alberta Goff Scholarship
•  Jackie Becton Bell Alumni Scholarship
•  Max Noah Scholarship
•  Milledgeville Music Club Award
•  Mr. Thomas Fredric Schepis and Mrs. Tallulah Kinney Schepis Music Scholarship
•  Music Faculty Choice Scholarship

Nontraditional Students
•  Brenda T. Mason Endowed Scholarship
•  Kranzberg Phoenix Scholarship
•  Marvin H. Baugh Scholarship

•  Carolyn M. Maynard Scholarship
•  Dr. Samuel and Mrs. Ellen S. Goodrich Foundation Scholarship
•  Kennedy Memorial Foundation Scholarship
•  Martha Melton Colvin Scholarship
•  Molly Snead Nursing Scholarship
•  Plus N Nursing Scholarship
•  Theta Tau Nursing Scholarship

•  Alex Delor Scholarship
•  Class of 1961 50th Reunion Scholarship
•  Dr. M. Robert and Linda Lowe Scholarship
•  Ernestine Underwood Holland Scholarship

•  Abraham and Sarah Marks Scholarship

Political Science
•  Richard Russell Green Scholarship
•  Mike Digby Endowed Scholarship for Political Science

•  Bill McDaniel Scholarship for Undergraduate Research

Scholarships for Women
•  American Association of University Women (AAUW) Foundation Scholarship
•  Attie Gladin Branan Alumni Scholarship
•  Betty Boyd Love Leadership Scholarship
•  Class of 1917 Scholarship
•  Class of 1960 Endowed Foundation Scholarship
•  Floride Moore Gardner Scholarship in Education
•  Helen Polk Tabb Wolak Scholarship
•  Jennie Belle Dickson Cross Scholarship
•  Lucy Blake Carson Ferguson Alumni Scholarship
•  Marie Cole Anderson Alumni Scholarship
•  Marie E. Williams Scholarship
•  Sylvester Mumford Scholarship
•  Washington DC Club Scholarship

Student Diversity
•  Dr. T. E. and Lavane Smith Scholarship
•  Gloria Ravelo Memorial Alumni Scholarship
•  Mary and Payton Cook Scholarship
•  The Goizueta Foundation Scholarship
•  William & Gussie Krinsky Safe Space Award
•  Kennedy Memorial Scholarship

•  Weylene Edwards Bucklin Endowed Scholarship

Graduate Program Scholarships
•  Malcolm Moore Outstanding Graduating MPA Student Award
•  Saul Wolpert Memorial Scholarship
•  Truman W. Clifton Scholarship
•  Marjorie G. Prentice Graduate Research Foundation Scholarship

Disclaimer:  Some of the scholarships listed above have multiple criteria options.  For the convenience of visitors to this site scholarships are only listed once, according to the primary qualifying criteria. 


Other Special Initiatives


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